Founded in 1971, it associates companies that deal with collecting, processing, evaluating, estimating and rating of economic, financial, loan, real estate, industrial, manufacturing, trade and professional data from proprietorships, companies and natural persons.


Cerved is a member of Assirm, the association founded in 1991 that includes the most important Italian companies specialised in marketing researches and surveys. Assirm’s members are due to follow the Assirm ethical code and be compliant to its quality regulations.


The largest international network for the exchange of business information on companies, the result of cooperation between the main independent national agencies.

European Committee of Central Balance-Sheet Data Offices

This is an informal body established in 1987 and consisting of the European Commission, Central Banks, National Statistical Institutes and independent organisations (IASB, ECB and Eurostat). It deals with exchange and comparison of information, database management with internal or external purposes, and in-depth discussions relating to economic and financial risk and analyses.

International Federation of Business Information Enterprises

The largest European federation of the Business Information enterprises, capable of delivering more than 180 million documents of Business and Consumer Information each year.


OIC (Organismo Italiano di Contabilità - Italian Accounting Board) was founded from the need to establish a national standard setter with broader representation, capable of commenting on the national accounting agencies in a cohesive manner.

XBRL Italia

Founded on the initiative of partners representative of the entire national economy and financial system (Abi, Aiaf, Ania, Assonime, Bank of Italy, Borsa Italiana, the National Council of Chartered Accountants, Confindustria, IVASS, OIC and Unioncamere), the Association focuses on the development and dissemination of taxonomies and technological standards in the economic financial sector.