Credit information for businesses

Official data and business information

We deliver more than 1,000 items of information per minute on 12 million companies, more than 13 million corporate and business officers and more than 14 million financial statements, which is an inexhaustible source of information that is indispensable for making the right decisions.

Who is your business partner?

Official data

Only Cerved has a database with over 40 years of history. As an official distributor of Infocamere, we provide all official data on 100% of Italian companies as well as millions of foreign companies.

All the basic information for preliminarily evaluation of businesses and natural persons, during the phase for the census and updating of data and under the scope of the credit process.

Is it reliable?

Business information

You can use business information to evaluate the current reliability of your customers in Italy and abroad. To guide trade policy and minimise risk, it is necessary for background information to be current and complete. Cerved enhances its information with proprietary data, such as that related to payment habits, and updates it on a continuous basis, in and timely manner.

How much do I risk?

Portfolio Analysis

Portfolio analysis helps you evaluate the risk associated with your loans portfolio so you can implement the most suitable strategy for achieving your goals and protecting yourself from risk.

Today he is reliable, but what about tomorrow?

Portfolio monitoring

A monitoring system that allows you to check whether a currently reliable business partner will also be reliable in the future. Each day, Cerved monitors million companies on behalf of its customers.