Increase your knowledge of customers through the new score related to propensity to purchase and by conducting customised market research.

Analyse your agency network to identify intermediaries with the best performance and compare their performance with that of your main competitors.

Learn about the most advanced credit scoring for risk reduction, to be used during the subscription phase for retail and corporate segments.

Harness the power of platforms and solutions designed to help prevent fraud, money laundering and for continuous monitoring of intermediaries.

To carry out analysis and research, using Cerved’s information assets combined with statistical methodologies and expertise, to measure your customers' level of satisfaction, define the commercial priorities of a qualified target, or map an area with a perimeter customised in terms of geographical area or products.

Analyse your customer portfolio
Measure your customers' level of satisfaction
Find out and analyse your customers' demands


To obtain an analysis of your competitors and sector through a data collection process and an analysis and summary of results, processed by staff that interact with the main companies of the sectors.

Analyses of the sector
Analyse and compare competitors


For managing targeted and effective direct marketing campaigns and feeding business CRMs, to prepare for meetings with potential partners.

Find new customers
Find new suppliers and manage current ones as best as possible.
Manage databases and CRMs
Grow abroad
Analyse the national territory


When a “friendly” procedure does not suffice, court recovery must be initiated. Cerved activates the procedural formalities required by applicable italian law based on the documents attesting the certainty, liquidity and the collectability of every individual loan item, to your complete satisfaction.