Cerved for Public Authorities

Credit managemente and recovery

Cerved offers services through its subsidiary Cerved Credit Collection Spa for the assessment of loans, processes for the management of the loans portfolio and customised solutions in outsourcing, for identifying outstanding debts, defining action priorities, requesting collections and assisting public authorities during delicate recovery phases.

For managing loan collection and recovery phases and quickly resolving the problems relating to outstanding amounts through communication, administrative and legal procedures, aimed at limiting the use of judicial practices in favour of a negotiation-based approach.

Our strengths

Cerved experts use communication techniques and plans specific to each stage of the process. Relying on qualified specialists in outsourcing allows public authorities to simplify the management of loans and collection processes, and improve external communications and therefore relationships with the public. A more advanced approach favours the negotiation phase to judicial appeal practices in order to streamline time for the management of positions (recovery and collection), boosting recovery performance, particularly in the early stages of processing and reducing registered receivables.

  • Credit collection performance 42% higher than the sector average (source Unirec)
  • 30 consultants dedicated to Credit Management and customer support