Chi siamo
Chi siamo

Driven by data

We are deeply passionate about data.

It drives what we do. It guides our work and pushes us towards new territory.

Our data enables us to provide superior services, from credit risk analysis to marketing solutions to managing non-performing loans and bad debt.

Working across Italy, over 30,000 businesses and financial institutions rely on us in all phases of their work.

Within our group we also boast one of the leading credit rating agencies in Europe.

Drive on data. Thrive on data.

With our proprietary data, decision-making systems, valuation models and technological solutions, we can help you manage the risks and opportunities inherent in your commercial relations and assess your business partners’ financial profiles to determine how creditworthy they are.

In 2017 alone, 1.5 trillion euros worth of loans and credit lines were granted with support from information and services we provided.

We offer digital marketing solutions, seek out new algorithms for profiling and lead qualification services, and we diligently study the market and individual sectors to help our clients find new business opportunities.

We generated 540,000 new business leads in 2017.

We help banks and businesses throughout the entire process of collecting non-performing loans or unpaid receivables and the assets related to them: from out-of-court settlements to legal advice and even remarketing repossessed assets.

We managed 45,8 billion euros worth of non-performing loans and receivables in arrears, as well as thousands of real estate assets and movable properties connected with previous lease contracts.

Our project

We don't believe in coincidences. Or pure luck. Or random chance. Our job is to help our clients interpret the present. To face the future with confidence. To reach further ahead. No matter how complicated their situation, no matter where they work. We're the ones who help them do better.Every day, everywhere. With our technology. With our data, platforms and services. But above all, with our people.


Professional proficiency, ethical principles and transparency in relations: we’re Cerved and that’s our personality.
Persone di valore




Founded in 1971, this association brings together companies that do business in collecting, processing, analysing and producing forecasts and opinions from economic, financial, credit market, capital, industrial and business data, relating to both companies and individuals.


Cerved is a member of Assirm, an association founded in 1991 that unites the leading market research, opinion polling and social research companies in Italy. Its members must follow the association’s professional code of ethics and quality standards.


The largest international network for exchanging information about businesses, established through cooperation between leading independent Italian agencies.
Comitato Europeo delle Centrali dei Bilanci

European Committee of Central Balance-Sheet Data Offices (ECCBSO)

An informal institution established in 1987 by the EU Commission, member state central banks and national statistics institutes and other independent organisations such as IASB, the ECB and Eurostat. The objectives of this committee are to exchange and compare information, to improve internal and external database management, and to explore issues in risk analysis and financial analysis.
Federazione internazionale delle società di Business Information

Federation of Business Information Services (FEBIS)

The largest European federation of business information companies, with its members producing over 180 million business and consumer information documents combined each year.


OIC (Organismo Italiano di Contabilità), the Italian Accounting Organisation, arose from the need to set comprehensive national standards to cohesively cover accounting matters in Italy.
XBRL Italia

XBRL Italia

An initiative of numerous key institutions of the Italian economic and financial system – including the Italian Banking Association (ABI), the Italian Association of Financial Analysts and Consultants (AIAF), the Italian Insurance Company Association (ANIA), Assonime, the Bank of Italy, the Italian Stock Exchange, the National Council of Accountants, Confindustria (the confederation of Italian manufacturing companies), IVASS (the insurance supervisory authority), OIC and Unioncamere (the Italian Chambers of Commerce organisation) ¬¬¬– XBRL Italia is an association that aims to develop and spread the use of taxonomy standards and technology standards in the financial sector.

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