Credit information for businesses

Rating agency

For companies that want to be accredited with institutions and financial markets, qualify themselves with regards to new partners and stakeholders, improve relationships with suppliers, obtain more favourable business terms and gain access credit at a lower cost.

Cerved Rating Agency provides an independent and professional assessment on a company’s strengths and weaknesses by assigning a rating recognised throughout the European Union and attesting the trustworthiness and reliability of the company.

The aim of a credit rating is to inform banks and market of their own financial profiles. It is a forecasting tool that provides an indication of a company’s short to medium-term solvency.

Assigning credit rating involves a strong degree of interaction between Cerved Rating Agency analysts and the company (interviews, collection of projects, business plans, etc.). Their work is regulated by strict rules and responds to a rigorous methodology that ensures the compliance of the opinions issued.

Thanks to ECAI recognition from the Bank of Italy and Credit Rating Agency by ESMA, Cerved is eligible to perform credit rating activities in Europe.