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Content Marketing

The answer is queen: create high-value content based on users’ questions.

The relevance of content compared to the intent behind a search query is one of the most important ranking factors.
We’ll populate your website, blog and e-commerce platform with well-written content that is optimised for SEO, rich with information that is truly useful to the searcher: this will ensure that you are perceived as an authoritative source online, giving you a good positioning and high visibility in search engine results.
Ask people who really know what they’re talking (and writing) about.

One outstanding KPI:

65+ Content projects

conducted in the last year

The best content strategies work from users' needs

Does content marketing mean producing well-written text to “force the hand” of search engines by writing material designed to be well received by machines?

Not quite. Or better yet, not just that.

Nowadays, search engines have evolved to actually make users the centre of attention. As such, for any web content  to be effective and authoritative from the search engine’s point of view, it must be conceived as the answer to a query or question, to meet a real need.

Our Content Marketing team blends together all the skills required to make you as easy to find as possible for your ideal customers.

We know the guidelines and implement all the optimal copywriting styles to create custom scripts designed for your specific environment to meet specific requests.

But we don’t stop there. Because we like speaking to everyone, we adapt our content in different ways for the international scene, depending on the intended audience; we even take into account seasonal product and service factors, cultural differences and ongoing trends.

Increase visibility and brand awareness, with the ability to be recognised as “authoritative”
Create a space for conversation with users by offering content that is truly useful to them
Provide content based on users’ actual needs and requests, to earn their trust
Attract new customers, both online and offline
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