Cerved for Professionals

Official data

Up-to-date and reliable data and information, on 100% of the Italian companies registered with the Chamber of Commerce.

Chamber of Commerce reports and searches

Legal, financial and administrative information and, more generally, all information concerning the identity of a company according to the Companies Register.

Structural data and balance sheets

All structural and financial information on a company, its shareholders, company shares or shareholdings held by a natural or legal person, the list of companies in which the shareholders have shareholdings, their respective shares and affiliation to a group.

Control of negative events

Bankruptcies, mortgages, foreclosures, failure to honour payments and all events recorded in real estate registers that are injurious to a company or an individual.

Real estate information

Land registry reports, searches and findings to support you in your professional activities.

Business information

In-depth information on companies and individuals in Italy and abroad to evaluate solvency, learn the probability of collection at maturity or learn if you can grant more trust.