Cerved for Public Authorities

Organisation, enhancement and monitoring of databases

Integrated solutions for the organisation, enhancement and monitoring of databases that facilitate improved management and control of suppliers, consultants, public investees and other counterparties with which the private entity operates.

  • Census of all economic operators in a specific region.
  • Evaluation and monitoring of the economic and financial reliability of your suppliers.
  • Refine standardisation and transparency processes and update data.
  • Provide objective information to support administrative and financial decisions.

Our strengths

The richness and depth of Cerved's wealth of information facilitates the integration of business and marketing information, including certified e-mail addresses (PEC).

Its partnership with SPAZIODATI, a company with decades of experience in developing open data technologies, big data and semantic web solutions, guarantees reliability and expertise in the design and optimisation of your database. To this regard, Cerved adds the on-going task of data qualification, i.e. disaggregate data from external sources such as public or private websites and databases is analysed and verified and its different sources are crosschecked with one another and with proprietary data.