Credit information for Financial Institutions

Official data and business information

This is the core of our offering, built progressively with the knowledge and analysis of the credit market’s needs.

The offering is designed to structurally integrate every phase of the lending process and can provide the appropriate service in terms of content and cost, in relation to the segment to which it refers (size of bank customers, type of financing or phase of the process).

Official data

Ordinary or historic Company Information, information prospectuses, financial statements and, more generally, all information from the chamber of commerce source. An asset in constant evolution, containing data on 100% of Italian companies, benefiting from the expertise gained by Cerved in relation to data collection, management, and accumulation.

All the key information for preliminarily evaluation of business and persons, during the census phase and updating of data and under the scope of the credit process.

Business Information

Our services integrate public and proprietary sources, providing a complete and constantly updated compendium of information on the counterparties to be entrusted, compliant with national regulations.

An integrated assessment can promptly highlight risks that can affect the outcome of an operation.

Monitoring Services

Check that the conditions that determined the credit worthiness persist over time by monitoring changes in corporate structure, rating, timeliness of payments, and occurrence of negative events of the counterparty or its management.

Promptly receive the first signs of possible financial hardship in order to activate specific and targeted actions to protect credit.


Quickly and easily obtain a compendium of comprehensive and reliable information, useful for compliance with anti-money laundering regulation, reduction of the concentration of risks and conflicts of interest.

Information is customised according to specific needs and aggregated into a single product, useful for compliance with all legal requirements.