Credit Information for Financial Institutions

Real Estate

Real estate information services arose from the need to accurately and promptly assess the consistencies of real estate pledged as collateral in the loans, financial and legal sector.

Cerved provides comprehensive information on the real value of commercial and residential real estate, in every phase of the lending process, from identification of potential customers and the granting of mortgage loans, to the conclusion of relationships due to natural expiration or because of arising needs for recovery.

Cerved is part of ASSOVIB, the association representing the main companies that offer assessment services in the field of real estate pledged as collateral when applying for mortgage loans.

Real estate searches

As a result of Cerved’s partnership with CONSITITALIA, the main mortgage searches and real estate evaluation company, and an established and consolidated network of professionals, it is possible to access all information in company and real estate registers, technical revenue offices and courts.

To ascertain the potential collateral from an individual's real estate, or monitor real estate assets taken as collateral in anticipation of legal actions aimed at the possible recovery of an impaired loan.

Real estate appraisal

Expert opinions that estimate the value of residential and commercial properties run by appraisers and valuation surveyors and integrated into proprietary management work flow applications which guarantee, on the one hand, to protect the independence of the expert and, on the other, to rigorously monitor turnaround times.

Going beyond the strict formal adherence to international best practices and the evaluation criteria required by the Italian Banking Association (ABI) and the Bank of Italy is the strength of the leading products of this service.

Land registry information

Access to information on the assets recorded in the archive of real estate and land registries of the Territory Agency, in order to have in one document with a clear and comprehensive picture on the scope and actual consistency of the real estate of your counterparty.

The first phase of investigation may be integrated with further investigations with other services (VIPO), also to have a more objective and transparent evaluation of any request for access to forms of financing with real estate pledged as collateral, or to learn, in a short time, where to focus any recovery initiatives.