Default problems can be resolved in a faster and more economic way by not having to file legal proceedings. A legal, administrative and communication-based "friendly" procedure is often the most advantageous solution.

Improve management economics and your business’s performance with Cerved service packages, actual guided routes, selected and integrated according to your specific requirements, from the simple management of debt collection to full outsourcing and even the recovery of loans, in Italy and abroad.


Credits office analysis can be used to measure performance and organise the correct credit management policies. Cerved provides diagnostic tools that are evolved and customised according to the size of your debtor, the business sector or to the territory in which it operates, thus ensuring quick results.

It segments customers and differentiates collection activities through analysis of the loans portfolio, improving the performance of your business by optimising cash flows and management costs.

To measure your customers' level of satisfaction, prioritise business aimed at a qualified target, and map sectors with customised perimeters on a geographical or product-based level, analyses and investigations are conducted using the information assets of the Cerved Group, based on statistical methodologies and sector-specific skills.

Measurement of customer satisfaction
Mystery shopping
Demand analysis/b>


To obtain a comprehensive and targeted analysis of competitors and of the sectors, through the process of data collection, results are analysed and summarised by an experienced team working in close contact with leading companies from the sectors.

Analysis of the sectors
Comparing companies
Sector maps

For managing targeted, effective and integrated direct marketing campaigns, across all channels, powering Customer Relationship Management systems and preparing meetings with potential partners.

Research on new customers
Analysis of area
Supplier research and management
Management of database and CRM
Growth abroad
Cross Channel Marketing Platform
(in collaboration with Experian Marketing Services)

Specialised solutions that provide lower operating costs and increased resale speed. A different service offering, recognised as unique on the market, carried out by a team of experts who can manage your account in relation to sales processes, and asset management or valuation, while also offering legal and fiscal support.

MARKAGAIN manages hundreds of assets, in almost all cases physically under its direct care, and employs a specialised team to manage the entire buying and selling process.
The platform has a strong international focus, which allows those who use MARKAGAIN to sell their assets by gaining access to a potential pool of buyers from all over the world.

For small loans, out-of-court recovery is conducted by sending telephone reminders and payment demands.

However, the recovery of loans of a higher value is entrusted to experts with substantial experience whose legal recovery has an “industrialised” approach, in order to minimise costs by taking actions against borrowers with proven repayment capacity.

Cerved Credit Management Group, Cerved Credit Management Spa and
Cerved Legal Services, perform management and debt recovery on behalf of customers.

Cerved Credit Management’s experience guarantees rapid and robust assessment of individual loans and entire portfolios, with accurate estimates of expected recovery and re-entry times. Added to this is a complete compendium of information on the individual loan and the economic conditions of the debtor, for a full and easily accessible profile.