This is the standard of financial analysis of the Italian banking sector, providing solutions, customised decision-making systems and applications, developed based on customer type, context, their needs and experiences. Established models and methodologies shared with the main Italian banking groups.

Our services are able to integrate the differences that occur in all phases of the credit process, from the identification of potential customers at the end of relationships, due to natural expiration, or because of arising needs for recovery.

In credit processes, external information is essential. Cerved offers a very wide range of services, starting with the provision of official data to more advanced services and gradually culminating in products summarised through an evolved and highly predictive score, with all the information assets on the persons analysed.

Land registry reports, searches and findings to support you in your business activities.


Failure to honour payments and all events recorded in real estate registers that are injurious to a company or an individual.


All structural and financial information on a company: its shareholders, company shares or shareholdings held by a natural or legal person, the list of companies in which the shareholders have shareholdings, their respective shares and affiliation to a group.

An improved evaluation of creditworthiness helps identify potentially fraudulent customers and act quickly to reduce your financial risk. Obtain a full overview of your customers through timely and reliable information.

Receive an independent and professional valuation on your business’s strengths and weaknesses. In order to be accredited with institutions, partners and financial markets, improve your relationship with suppliers and obtain more favourable commercial conditions.

Customised decision-making solutions, applications and systems, developed according to your needs.