Banks & Finance

The Italian financial sector has been using our data and solutions for over 40 years.

We serve almost all bank branches throughout the country.
We provide them access to an unparalleled wealth of information about the Italian business world, enriched with the experience, know-how and proficiency that only we have.

These institutions turn to us in every phase of the credit process. We are the ideal partner to outline goals and develop strategies, to increase market share, to reduce risks in the most effective and cost-efficient way.

Our services for banks & finance

Does your job ask extensive knowledge and constant updating on your client customer portfolio, whether they are business, public or private?
Do you need to carefully check their credit standing to receive timely information helping you limit your risk ?
Ask us. We have all the answers, data and instruments you need to verify and monitor your customer portfolio in a timely and reliable manner, so to help you in mitigate any risk.

  • We help you build a value customer portfolio consistent with the credit systems implemented by your bank or financial company.
  • We put at your disposal digital methods and instruments designed to figure out in which direction portfolio risk evolves.
  • We support you in the delicate credit awarding process and in assessing customer reliability.
  • We are at your side in all your activities regarding customer's lifecycle and we are committed to helping you avoid potentially risky choices.

Are you seeking an authoritative opinion concerning your non-performing loan portfolios? Do you need reliable valuations based on more data than what you currently have?
Do you want an objective, independent assessment of the business plans presented by your current business borrowers?
Ask us. We’ll respond to the highest professional standard with foundations in over a decade of experience on the NPL market and in credit management.
Thanks to our advanced software, we successfully analyse enormous quantities of data. In 2016 alone, we performed analyses on various types of loans totalling 450,000 positions and over 34 billion euros.

We offer the following consulting services to banks, financial companies and investment funds:

  • Valuations of non-performing loan portfolios (for purchase or for sale, on both the primary and secondary market).
  • Valuations of loan portfolios, whether for internal purposes (e.g. financial statements) or external purposes (asset quality review).
  • Development and independent analysis of business plans.
  • Assessment of existing credit management platforms.
  • Enrichment of information contained in credit portfolio databases.

Do you need accurate and standardized processes to ensure that all the necessary controls are applied to adequately respond to such a complex legislation? Are you looking for a partner able to verify methodically and steadily the truth of the information given by your customers?
Our approach respects legal provisions. Assures scalability and completeness. Steers processes in an automated way.

Before offering a mortgage or other loan to an individual customer, do you need an accurate, reliable evaluation of the customer's credit history and financial means?
Hire us. Thanks to our partnership with Experian, we give you access to all the information, data and tools you need to paint a clear, reliable picture of how consistent an individual will be in repaying debt to your bank or financial company.

  • We will share our vast wealth of proprietary information with you, to tell you everything you want to know about individuals.
  • We give you the opportunity to peruse their credit history and build a very precise idea about their creditworthiness for the type of credit you plan to grant them.
  • We produce in-depth, detailed files and set you up on digital platforms and suites that can be customised to a high degree. These tools translate each customer's financial capacity into statistical scores, making it easier for you to make the right decision.

Do you need an expert valuation of your loans, both performing and non-performing?
Would you like to optimise outsourcing of the activities required to manage your entire credit portfolio, including the remarketing of property pledged as collateral in loan contracts?
We're the experts you’re looking for. And we’ll prove it with our superior skills and professionalism. Our internal staff works to the highest quality standards every day, specialising in achieving the best results to optimise costs and collection timescales.

  • We manage your loans on your behalf to reach agreements on friendly terms with your borrowers. We also coordinate a network of credit recovery lawyers and can therefore initiate any necessary legal action ourselves.
  • On your behalf, we pursue actions to get more value out of your loans, including repositioning and advertising both real estate and movable property on the market, in order to ensure effective sales and solid returns.

As a bank of financial company, do you need to manage doubtful loans and deal with probable defaults?
Do you need effective action and concrete solutions to recover non-performing credit by repossessing assets pledged as collateral? Do you need to achieve this goal quickly, so as to reduce the burden of directly managing movable property linked to doubtful loans?
Then you'll want to use our services.
We provide complete coverage of the full cycle, managing many types of movable property linked to non-performing loans.

  • We offer you in-depth knowledge of every type of property, from capital assets to vehicles and luxury goods.
  • We accompany you in all activities to resolve non-performing exposures and other critical issues related to your customers' debts in arrears, from tracking to repossessing collateral, from valuations to managing them and repositioning them on the market.
  • Our goal is always to make sure you achieve the desired result, so that you can save time and money while at the same time be assured of top-notch professional skills.

Are you building a more diversified and innovative range of products and need to find out which customers you should offer them to?
Would you like to have a complete and continually up-to-date picture of your customers?
Find all the information you need on our platforms.
They’ll make it faster and easier for you to achieve your goals.

  • We can give you great breadth and depth of constantly updated facts and figures on everything that happens in the banking and financial industry.
  • We have all the solutions, data and tools you’ll need to be well-informed and to cultivate relationships with your customers in the best way possible to respond to their needs and achieve the results you’re aiming for.

Do you need to monitor your market and to get a broad view of its evolutionary potential? Are you looking for numbers useful to answer with services and products tailored to the expectations of your current and potential customers?

Consult our catalogue of sector studies and be guided by our design skills. They will clarify your ideas and lead you to the desired aim.

  • We’ll keep you up to date with all the developments regarding the competition and your scope of activities.
  • We’ll work side-by-side with you to devise an effective strategy to make your line of banking and financial products and services unique and exclusive.

Are you considering the opportunity to approach a customer other than your standard? Are you researching innovative products and want to define and know in detail the public you want to turn to, before launching them on the market?

Simplify your work with the instruments we make available to you and our prospecting activities that will support you in finding new customers and take actions for direct and digital marketing.

  • We’ll work with you to monitor potential new customers and geographical areas where you can introduce the new products you’re developing.
  • We’ll provide you with all the tools you need to keep a close watch on your market, highlighting areas that are ripe for growth and business expansion initiatives.

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