Anti-Money Laundering for Banks & Finance

Do you need accurate and standardized processes to ensure that all the necessary controls are applied to adequately respond to such a complex legislation?
Are you looking for a partner able to verify methodically and steadily the truth of the information given by your customers?

Cerved AML (Anti-Money Laundering)

is an anti-money laundering solution consisting of several services, each one fitting for a response to any requirement of the anti-money laundering law.

Cerved Visius

It is the operative platform for "proper verification" checks at different levels of configuration, including continuous controls.
It integrates itself with your systems and verifies declared data by comparing them with reliable and independent sources, both of our property and of other suppliers, such as PEP, PIL and Crime lists, or black and white lists provided by the customer.
It also carries out anti-fraud checks by querying the Scipafi archive and the Detect system, thanks to a partnership with Experian.


Following the evaluations carried out by the Cerved Visius platform, it activates working processes shared with the customer to remove possible anomalies. An example for all: collection or verification of the anti-money laundering papers required by the law.
It translates these processes into operative flows and organization activities that are stored in Cerved Visius to keep trace of the procedures carried out and the measures taken to comply with the obligations of anti-money laundering law.


It is the service that identifies physically associates with more than 25% share at any level of the corporate participant chain to single out the actual holder.
It is available in several ways:

  • integrated into the Visius platform with different operating levels
  • as a form within our dossiers
  • via web service for integration into your internal procedures
  • by provision of batch data for the improvement of master files

It complies to anti-money laundering law to reduce financial, legal and reputation risks and allows you to:

  • verify and maintain records of statements and transactions at the Unified Information Archive (AUI)
  • produce and submit to the Financial Information Unit (UIF) the Anti-Recycling Aggregate Signals (S.AR.A.)
  • transmit to the Revenue Agency (ADE) the data relating to the register, balances, movements and financial investigations
  • detect and transmit to the Revenue Agency all the information provided by the intergovernmental agreements between Italy and USA (FATCA) for the fight against international tax evasion

They are provided by a dedicated and competent team that shows and advises you on what is needed to:

  • meet legal requirements
  • support their interpretation and evaluation of possible suspicious transactions
  • report suspicious transactions to the Financial Information Unit






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