Customer assessment for banks & finance

Knowing that someone who has always been excellent at keeping up with payments until today might no longer be tomorrow, is it a priority for you to keep a close watch on the financial capacity of your borrowers? Do you think monitoring individual customers requires close attention and specific tools?
We've got what you're looking for. And we can bring it to you in the way that fits your information and assessment needs best, so that it will be easier for you to make the choices that keep you protected from credit risk.

Personal dossier

It presents, in a single report, both official information and credit check elements on an individual, self-employed or otherwise.

This file is designed to assess:

  • negative events in credit history
  • property assets to be pledged as collateral for a mortgage or other loan
  • positions and equity stakes in companies

They are digital environments, which can either be used online or installed onto your systems, that communicate with your own company's computer systems and those of third parties in order to optimise and automate decision-making processes over the full customer life cycle.
They are technologically advanced tools that enable you to:

  • access external data sources
  • process the available information using statistical models
  • draft summary analysis reports
  • carry out new assessments or consult previous ones

and even let you:

  • perform data intelligence activities on a single interface
  • get the most out of the data you have to gain a competitive advantage
  • make accurate, efficient decisions about customers, safely, quickly and conveniently
  • take advantage of superior features and take better control of your relations with customers
Platforms with third-party data

It is a system that Cerved offers in partnership with Experian Italia. Fully compliant with privacy and personal data protection laws, it provides all of the following in real time in response to a single query:

  • information on the credit situation of any person (natural or legal)
  • an accurate assessment of the customer's credit behaviour
  • an informative report on credit applications and contracts previously agreed and concluded, wherever disclosing the information is permitted by law and is in keeping with the principle of reciprocity

It is a complete, constantly updated toolkit that enables you to:

  • disburse loans from a well-informed, objective perspective
  • streamline operating processes
  • speed up the loan application acceptance process 
Experian Delphi Scores Suite

It is a set of scores based on the most advanced statistical analysis techniques, serving to:

  • speed up the decision-making process and maximise acceptance targets
  • optimise portfolio risk management

Delphi for New Business is a solution based on behavioural analysis of the applicant.
It generates a score that represents a prediction of the most probable outcome of the credit situation 12 months in the future, based on an analysis of the credit positions surveyed in Experian CIS.

Consumer Debit Index is a scoring model designed to manage the risk of over-indebtedness when a new financing request is submitted or when an existing loan is being monitored. It may be directly integrated into the acceptance matrix or used in stand-alone mode.
Consumer Debit Index employs the highly predictive variables in the CIS to highlight potential critical situations where a high debt position could become excessive. As such, this index responds to our financial industry clients’ increasing need for better ways to identify cases of over-indebtedness in new loan applications and thus follow the principle of responsible lending.

Detect & Fraud Index

It is an effective, highly sophisticated tool to support your company’s efforts to prevent fraud, which has been on the rise and can be difficult to identify.
It is an online system that evaluates the risk of fraud during the acceptance phase, and is the first index that classifies flagged applications according to the likelihood of fraud.

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