Managing customers in the loan portfolio for banks & finance

Are you constantly seeking timely information on all the variables that could affect an individual customer's creditworthiness profile? Do you need sound ways to evaluate whether the trust you're putting in a borrower can last the test of time?
Pose that question to our information and scoring systems, and you'll get the answers you're looking for. They will clear up any doubts and let you know ahead of time if the conditions behind each decision to grant credit remain in place over time.


Experian CIS (Credit Information System) is a system that Cerved offers via a partnership with Experian Italia. Fully compliant with privacy and personal data protection laws, it provides all of the following in real time in response to a single query:

  • information on the credit situation of any person (natural or legal)
  • an accurate assessment of the customer's credit behaviour
  • an informative report on credit applications and contracts previously agreed and concluded, wherever disclosing the information is permitted by law and is in keeping with the principle of reciprocity

Experian CIS is a complete, constantly updated toolkit that enables you to:

  • disburse loans from a well-informed, objective perspective;
  • streamline operating processes;
  • speed up the loan disbursement process.
Experian Delphi Scores Suite

The Experian Delphi Scores Suite is a set of scores based on the most advanced statistical analysis techniques, serving to:

  • maximise acceptance targets
  • optimise portfolio risk

Delphi for Customer Management is a behavioural assessment model that is useful for:

  • regularly monitoring the credit risk profile of each active contract in your customer portfolio
  • adopting a proactive approach to managing your customer base
  • enhancing business planning and audit processes

Delphi for Customer Management is a solution that is 100% customisable based on your specific requirements.

Delphi for Collection is a new tool that provides you with an indicator (the Repayment Index) of how likely you are to bring a past due exposure back to performing status, or tells you if the status will probably remain unchanged or deteriorate over the next six months.
Delphi for Collection assures you the advantages of:

  • improving debt collection outcomes by effectively segmenting the non-performing loan portfolio
  • reducing losses by planning collection actions based on customer exposures as well as on the real probability of collecting

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