Credit Consulting for banks & finance

Are you seeking an authoritative opinion concerning your non-performing loan portfolios? Do you need reliable valuations based on more data than what you currently have?
Do you want an objective, independent assessment of the business plans presented by your current business borrowers?
Ask us. We’ll respond to the highest professional standard with foundations in over a decade of experience on the NPL market and in credit management.
Thanks to our advanced software, we successfully analyse enormous quantities of data. In 2016 alone, we performed analyses on various types of loans totalling 450,000 positions and over 34 billion euros.

We offer the following consulting services to banks, financial companies and investment funds:

  • Valuations of non-performing loan portfolios (for purchase or for sale, on both the primary and secondary market).
  • Valuations of loan portfolios, whether for internal purposes (e.g. financial statements) or external purposes (asset quality review).
  • Development and independent analysis of business plans.
  • Assessment of existing credit management platforms.
  • Enrichment of information contained in credit portfolio databases.

Based on the quality of a given loan portfolio, we determine the impairment amount suitable to limit credit risks, in line with regulatory authority regulations and indications.

Do you need user-friendly solutions that will provide you the best results in assessing loan portfolio values?
Try ours. They can reliably verify the effective collectability level of either individual credit positions or entire loan portfolios.

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