Loan portfolio valuations for banks & finance

Do you need user-friendly solutions that will provide you the best results in assessing loan portfolio values?
Try ours. They can reliably verify the effective collectability level of either individual credit positions or entire loan portfolios.


We offer consulting services to appraise non-performing loan portfolios, for the purpose of drafting business plans that include expected recovery rates, timescales and expenses.

We have years of experience in appraising different types of outstanding loans:

  • mortgages
  • unsecured loans (such as salary-backed loans, personal loans and credit cards)
  • leasing contracts

Our loan portfolio valuation activities entail two essential types of analysis:

  • statistical portfolio valuation, where we apply recovery curves and other statistical benchmarks. This step facilitates the creation of a business plan for the loan portfolio that takes the potential collection amount and expected timescales into account
  • analytical portfolio valuation, where we study the specific files available in detail. The goal here is to produce one-page summary evaluations of the positions in the portfolio

We provide additional consulting services to provide supplemental information about portfolio positions, in order to ensure an even more detailed and accurate business plan in terms of expected collection amount and timescales.

  • Our immense repository of information is unparalleled in Italy. Some of its features include: Cerved credit scoring (the CGS) and probability of default (PD) estimates, financial statement figures (income statement and balance sheet), the legal status and insolvency, history of companies and ownership structure
  • Job Investigation: we can provide specific information about individuals such as employment status, salary and any asset seizures/repossessions
  • Mortgage Survey Checks: we can verify the type and degree of any burdens on property pledged as collateral
  • Data Remediation: managing data system processes to verify whether available data is accurate, and make corrections where necessary

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