Credit Management and Recovery for banks & finance

Do you need an expert valuation of your loans, both performing and non-performing?
Would you like to optimise outsourcing of the activities required to manage your entire credit portfolio, including the remarketing of property pledged as collateral in loan contracts?
We're the experts you’re looking for. And we’ll prove it with our superior skills and professionalism. Our internal staff works to the highest quality standards every day, specialising in achieving the best results to optimise costs and collection timescales.

  • We manage your loans on your behalf to reach agreements on friendly terms with your borrowers. We also coordinate a network of credit recovery lawyers and can therefore initiate any necessary legal action ourselves.
  • On your behalf, we pursue actions to get more value out of your loans, including repositioning and advertising both real estate and movable property on the market, in order to ensure effective sales and solid returns.

Are you seeking external support to take care of the entire life cycle of your performing loans? Do you need to rely on a knowledgeable staff for the entire cash-in process, from accounting systems to managing late payments and keeping up relations with customers?
Choose our end-to-end service created precisely for loan portfolios, including securitised loans.

You’re already well aware that timely, efficient cash flow management is a distinguishing factor and a necessary condition to protect oneself from negative effects on the balance sheet of any bank or financial institution. But do you have the right tools to avoid a deterioration in your outstanding loans?
Get in touch with us. We can assure you of quality advice and support to reach out-of-court settlements on unpaid instalments, current account overdrafts, arrears in personal loans, mortgages or any other type of financing, as well as realignment and resolution of unpaid SEPA Direct Debit (SDD) payments.

Do you want to find an organisation you can trust that is truly adept at identifying and developing the best possible way of maximising collections?
We offer well-established professional skills and guarantee frequent progress updates on legal procedures once underway. We also provide a network of selected lawyers nationwide.

Do you urgently need to outsource accounting and/or administrative services for securitisation vehicles (SPVs). Do you want to improve how you manage lending assets so that you will be able to divest and reinvest quickly? Do you want to ensure immediate cash flows by streamlining your off balance sheet portfolio?
You can count on our special purpose vehicle for loan securitisation operations. We’ll deliver the results you’re aiming for while significantly reducing the time and money involved.

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