Credit management and out-of-court collection in Italy for banks & finance

You’re already well aware that timely, efficient cash flow management is a distinguishing factor and a necessary condition to protect oneself from negative effects on the balance sheet of any bank or financial institution. But do you have the right tools to avoid a deterioration in your outstanding loans?
Get in touch with us. We can assure you of quality advice and support to reach out-of-court settlements on unpaid instalments, current account overdrafts, arrears in personal loans, mortgages or any other type of financing, as well as realignment and resolution of unpaid SEPA Direct Debit (SDD) payments.

Consumer credit and unsecured loans

We put forth great commitment and care in recovering and managing personal loans, credit cards and salary-backed loans, through our:

  • Contact Center: we have a directly employed staff of over 310 operators at our three offices in Treviso, Sassari and Romania. In 2016 alone, they managed over a million credit positions totalling over €2 billion.
  • Direct collection network: 66 debt collectors, in conjunction with a partner network composed of over 70 companies active on a local or regional level, are in a position to guarantee the most pervasive geographical coverage.
Leasing contracts, residential mortgages and loans to businesses

Looking for an integrated, multi-specialist approach aiming to collect payments on and manage mortgages, leases, as well as loans to SMEs and large companies?
We believe in managing loan portfolios differently depending on the type of position and the phase in which we are called upon to take action. We have a well-organised unit with four distinct operating lines:

  • Top Loans: positions with a gross book value (GBV) over €1 million are entrusted to a team of highly qualified experts who follow no more than 100 positions at a time
  • Medium Loans: positions with GBV between €50k and €1m are managed through advanced methods by a team of experts that takes on no more than 250 positions
  • Small Banking: unsecured positions with GBV under €50k linked to bank contracts, administered in bulk
  • Special Projects: atypical portfolios, monitored and managed in a highly customised fashion
Credit management and out-of-court collection in Italy for:

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