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Do you urgently need to outsource accounting and/or administrative services for securitisation vehicles (SPVs). Do you want to improve how you manage lending assets so that you will be able to divest and reinvest quickly? Do you want to ensure immediate cash flows by streamlining your off balance sheet portfolio?
You can count on our special purpose vehicle for loan securitisation operations. We’ll deliver the results you’re aiming for while significantly reducing the time and money involved.

Loan Portfolio Master Servicing

This activity consists in:

  • verification and liability to regulatory authorities regarding compliance in securitisation operations
  • loan collection and payment receipt services
  • monitoring of any activities carried out by contracted parties
  • reports to the Bank of Italy
  • cash flows analysed and reconciled with current accounts associated with the securitisation
  • reports to Centrale Rischi (Italian central credit register)
Consultancy and structuring of securitisation operations

This activity consists in:

  • appraisals of loans and entire loan portfolios
  • examination of loan management operations
  • loan database analysis and data extraction procedure analysis
  • coordination of due diligence on the portfolio
  • calculation of cash flows generated by the portfolios
  • setting up and/or amending the financial structure of the transaction
Establishment and administration of a special purpose vehicle (SPV)

This activity consists in:

  • assistance in founding the vehicle and in drafting articles of association
  • appointing one or more independent directors (natural persons, or companies where permitted)
  • choice of legal residence and required company bookkeeping
  • sending notifications as requested by various authorities in accordance with regulations in force
  • keeping accounts and preparing annual financial statements

This activity consists in:

  • checks performed on periodic servicing report for the portfolio and related balances with amounts available in the vehicle’s accounts
  • calculation and distribution of funds available to the vehicle on each interest payment date
  • preparation of periodic payments reports and investors’ reports
  • periodic reports published and sent to significant counterparts

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