Customer Assessment for banks & finance

In a context of continuous change and highly challenging, is it vital for you to keep up-to-date and monitor the economic-financial performance and risk profile of your customers portfolio? Do you need evaluations especially targeted at crediting a credit?
Keep up with us. We are always alongside you with process solutions that improve the credit assessment and lead you in making correct decisions.

Official Data and Commercial Information on Italian Companies

We are official distributors of InfoCamere. We put official data at your disposal - protests, prejudicial, negative events, corporate structure, balance sheets - and commercial information.
We share with you this information in the form of files available with different levels of details and depth according to your needs. The dossier will help you to:

  • understand and evaluate the credit worthiness and reliability of your customers
  • get synthetic answers with informative reports complete with analysis, grading, evaluations and strategic advice
  • monitor in real time the critical elements that can affect reliability
  • reduce risks and delays in payments
Business process outsourcing

It is a line of end-to-end services that allows you to delegate outside in a controlled manner, certain complementary business activities and take advantage of them in terms of economic savings, better efficiency and greater specialization of who performs the work.
All our services are the result of:

  • a proven methodology of processing, validation, verification of data and information collected
  • a sequence of checks to ensure the highest level of process security

It is the external management process system carried out through a platform ad hoc that enable you to:

  • automate and solve any critical process
  • reduce operational costs and gain tangible benefits from the supervision of each procedure
  • have a digital archiving of all key information
  • shorten response times
Corporate Structure (Partners, investments, groups)

It is a verification service and update on the characteristics and the shareholders structure and the role of an enterprise. It consists of:

  • Partners and Shareholders detecting the ownership of the units or shares and proprietary information
  • Investments checking with weekly deadline, terminations, liquidations, bankruptcies, consensual procedures, memberships’ offices
  • Groups getting to know all the links between Italian companies for each business sector and for each undertaking involved and highlight the type and degree of integration
Foreign services

We put at your disposal official data and commercial information on companies operating worldwide.
Thanks to our international partnerships you have the advantage of:

  • knowing and examining the solvency and reliability of a foreign company
  • reducing the risk of relationships with foreign companies on which there is less information
  • enjoying complete and thorough data up to your information needs
Cerved PA platform

PA Cerved is a vertical portal that updates on the subjects working in and for the Public Administration sector.
It brings together and connects data on local and non-governmental Public Entities, investment holdings, suppliers and their representatives and allows you to:

  • get all information about subjects of interest
  • compare similar and related subjects, even in guided mode
  • monitor events relating to investment holdings and suppliers
  • do analysis and cross-checks on external source information with those present in our archives
Suite Cebi system

It is the platform developed by our Central Financial Statements area for the integrated management of economic and financial information in terms of acquisition, storage, control, reclassification and evaluation.
It is a service associated with system CEBI and part of a permanent project in compliance with legislation and new analisys methods you need :

  • enter and check financial statements data and store them on your database
  • deal with all types of financial statements: corporate, consolidated, quarterly, half-yearly, drafts, period situations, tax models
  • obtain automatically a reclassified financial statement
  • have a financial score calculated on-line at every balance sheet information change
  • have sectoral benchmarks prepared for company/sector comparisons

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