Data providing and reporting for banks & finance

Do you point to a more effective and shared management of data related to your customer portfolio? Do you need access to data in multi-user mode and extract them with different levels of complexity and completeness according to the use context?
Trust our systems. We provide you with unique environments highly performant to enjoy all the information you need from different branches and subsidiaries simultaneously. We give you the possibility to call the data via API, FTP and web service and receive them in a broken or aggregated form according to your need.


It is an integration system that increases the effectiveness of data and information managing about the positions of each customer by aggregating and linking data together in a single environment available from more operators simultaneously, in distant branches and subsidiaries.
It is a complete and flexible application suite to:

  • integrate our data with those of your information system
  • have constant updates with relative adjustments to regulatory changes
  • share information through simultaneous access by different users
  • define different purchase profiles and have a separate users consumption report
  • take a better policy of costs control and increased consumer rationalization

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