Portfolio Analysis for banks & finance

To understand how portfolio risk is evolving, do you need suitable methods and tools? Do you want to detect strengths and weaknesses of your customer portfolio?
Ask us. With our analysis we can give you information massively on your portfolio and help you handle correctly your credit policy.

Cerved Group Score

It is an evaluation system developed with advanced statistical instruments to optimize measurement of the credit quality person funded.
It is the final score summary on ratings and economic-financial and behavioral appearance of the monitored subject that allows you to:

  • measure the credit worthiness of counterparties
  • analyze the trend of risk profile over time
  • give a prospective on credit risk through a score whose predictability is proven by rigorous statistical back testing
Portfolio Locator

It is a service for real estate of a portfolio of positions, according to the Land Registry.
Portfolio Locator is available in two formats:

  • Base providoing structured data out of total properties surveyed in each municipality to give a first match on the actual existence of a real estate
  • Extended sharing, together with the Base data, more detailed information on the kind of property, its cadastral identification and its exact geographical location
Scan Risk Batch

It is a service that allows an entire portfolio of credit positions to be systematically checked, providing timely notification of significant events.
It consists in batch monitoring for negative events and any changes in the real estate and mortgage survey register, as follows:

  • monitoring is conducted on a daily basis
  • all positions of interest to the client are checked
  • it can be performed on both individuals and companies

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