Portfolio management for banks & finance

Do you aim to receive timely information on all aspects which may alter the profile reliability of your customers? Do you need to know if the trust given to a customer in the credit award phase can be renewed over time?
Access to our monitoring platforms, created to meet all levels of knowledge you need. You will keep under control companies and persons and know, day by day, if the conditions that determined the assignment persist over time.


It is the Dossier Monitoring platform accessible via web or integrated into your business system to :

  • monitor changes and updates of an information file previously acquired
  • receive alerts and email notifications at every update or modification of the data collected
  • have always an updated report following every modification
Covenant monitor

It is an end-to-end monitoring service, dedicated to corporate customers specifically useful to monitor compliance with financial or commercial covenants linked to medium-long term fundings.
It is connected to an advanced platform that allows to:

  • perform complete control in complete safety and efficiency of commercial or financial covenants and verification of contractual ones
  • define cases where the company may disregard the covenants
  • supervise the activities that bring the company to respect covenants
Vipo Monitoring

It is a system monitoring every act registered, transcribed and annotated in Conservatory real estate.
It sends alerts every time it detects and records a scenery change giving an updated view on:

  • continuity in the assets monitored
  • the changes of ownership and contextual assets changes, restrictions and burdens
Early Warning

It is the monitoring system with the highest level of customization possible.
It is a platform that crosses our data with specific bank experience and generates a very predictive alert model that allows you to:

  • structure information in a scalable way to suit your needs
  • cross the changes occurred with the level of risk they determine
  • report these changes whenever they occur

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