Prospecting for banks & finance

Are you looking for instruments allowing to build a portfolio of quality customer, flexible and consistent with your credit policies? Is your goal to identify prospects that have already passed a first risk check?
Choose and use our instruments. They will support in all preliminary selection and customers verification activities according to your credit policies.


It is a set of informative documents that will help you evaluate businesses, individuals and other economic actors that are not on the Business Register. Several different levels of detail are available. With Dossier, you can get all the information you need on any prospect in a single file that combines official data with credit check information.

Scanrisk (negative events)

It is a service to scruitinise for potentially negative events on individual positions, to obtain a basic evaluation of a counterpart's creditworthiness.
It can flag significant events associated with these positions (whether the borrower is an individual or a company) so that you can avoid exposure to overdrawn or insolvent counterparts.


It is our tool for mapping the links between companies, persons and government agencies useful to evaluate cross selling on relationships identified.
It highlights contact points with interactive graphs and helps you to know each customer or potential better and start new business initiatives within your network of relationships.

Cadastral Report

It is a photography of the real estate assets of a company or a private entity as registered in in Italy’s official land and real estate survey registers.
It identifies assets that can be placed under warranty and gives you a picture of your customers’ composition and real estate.

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