Projects for banks & finance

Thanks to our projects you can adopt a strategy that can make your market position more and more distinctive, allowing you to do:


Competitive Intelligence: deepening of competing strategies and competitors performance knowledge with reference to the sector.

Customer Satisfaction Audit

Customer Satisfaction Audit: to measure your customers satisfaction and bring it into specific performance indicators. With the service Voice of the Customer (VoC) Monitoring, you can also investigate the opinions and needs of the your current customers, depositors or holders of a loan. You will then be able to identify your areas of improvement and increase their level of satisfaction.

Mistery Shopping

Mystery Shopping: to find out, from direct experience of a potential customer, how your offer is presented and dispensed. The results of this evaluation experience will be available online on a platform dedicated.

Focus Group

Focus Group: to discover, in a comparison conducted by a professional, the deep reasons that guide your customers' purchasing decisions.

Analitiycs for Marketing

Analytics for marketing: to make decisions more responsive to your growth targets based on a specific data mining on your database, integrating it with our data and with others from customized surveys.

Geographic Market Potential Analysis

Territorial potential Analysis: to sound on the potentiality of new areas where you intend to propose your financial solutions. This analysis will provide you with a synthetic score for each potential area, a set of detailed indicators and an analysis document on findings from which you can deduce new expansion strategies.


Ad hoc searches: analyzes and insights elaborated in response to specific customer needs.

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