Sector Reports for banks & finance

It is an entire catalogue that offers you a panoramic view of all sectors of the economy, so that you can understand market dynamics.

Catalogue of sector reports

From our catalogue of industry studies focused on national value, you can learn:

  • market trends
  • financial and competitive scenery
  • risk margins
  • trends and predictions
  • industry benchmarks

The catalogue is focused on each specific sector, it reads and interprets it to let you understand in its entirety.


The Fleet Monitor is a research aimed to study the company car sector, particularly the means chosen by the company to acquire them.

The Fleet Monitor informs and updates you on:

  • the most common acquisition methods: leasing, rental or purchase
  • how many and what are the most popular insurance companies
  • the loyalty level to a company
  • the amount of subscribed policies
  • the number and the amount of claims
  • what control systems provided between black box, video surveillance and tracking systems

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