From the independent artisan shop to companies listed on the stock market, from micro-businesses to mid-sized companies, from start-ups to major multinationals: we have a deep understanding of how each of these types of businesses works, so we can recognise needs and find the right solutions.

We know what makes the Italian market tick and we can speak the language of businesses in all sectors of the economy. That’s how we’re able to provide the right answers to everyone and work side-by-side with our clients to set the right priorities and resolve critical issues.

When asked a specific, unique question, we respond with equally specific and unique tools and services.

Our services for companies

When you think about the people and companies you do business with, do you want to find out just how reliable they are financially?
Are you striving day after day to help your business grow in the best way possible, and want to prevent all the risks yet take advantage of all the opportunities?
Ask us. We know the business world all the way down to its core.
There's so much we can do for you: track the life cycle of your client businesses and tell you about them, so that you can make well-informed decisions.

  • We have a thorough understanding of what it takes to run and grow a business, whether it's small, medium or large.
  • We also have close-up knowledge of credit dynamics, because we carefully and constantly follow the market and each sector.
  • We keep a close watch on scenarios as they develop, by scrupulously monitoring data.
  • We are in a position to provide you with forecasts and early signals about how these scenarios will evolve, with advice on what actions to take in order to boost your business opportunities yet protect yourself from credit risk.

Do you need accurate and standardized processes to ensure that all the necessary controls are applied to adequately respond to such a complex legislation?
Are you looking for a partner able to verify methodically and steadily the truth of the information given by your customers?
Our approach respects legal provisions. It assures scalability and completeness. It steers processes in an automated way.

Do you have a whole portfolio of overdue receivables or need to collect a large amount of debt? Need to know if your debtor will be able to pay?
Would you like to figure out how effective your strategy is for chasing late payments?
Ask us. We have the answers that will work right for you. Equipped with a uniquely vast wealth of information, we can assess the degree of solvency of each one of your customers and provide you with debt collection probability forecasts.

We offer each business a series of consulting services to:

  • analyse the receivables portfolio to then estimate the probability of collection for those not yet paid
  • establish and/or evaluate credit recovery strategies
  • assess the bad loan portfolio
  • enhance the information contained in receivables portfolio databases

We are highly skilled at calculating the effective probability of collecting and have the know-how to implement the most appropriate strategies to achieve the best possible outcome.
e are capable of outlining the best possible actions to take in order to reduce your credit positions, analysing each situation case by case.

Are you short on cash and need your invoices paid soon? Are you looking for effective ways to chase late payments from clients?
Do you need to deal with insolvent clients, whether they’re companies, individuals or public bodies?
Come to us. We have all the most proven tools and methods to facilitate debt collection, speed up payment times for your receivables and solve liquidity problems.

  • In order to cash in receivables within a reasonable timeframe and cash in late or missed payments, you need appropriate credit management tools, advanced negotiation skills and in-depth knowledge of the best ways of proceeding depending on the circumstances.
  • You can count on us for all these things. We have the capabilities and the resources to build a dedicated team that will work to collect your credit and face any critical situation.
  • We undertake the most effective actions because we have a thorough understanding of each market and we have the most comprehensive, up-to-date and historically extensive database in Italy.

Would you like to get fresh cash for new investments by selling assets that are no longer useful to your business? Are you interested in buying used property or equipment, for yourself or your company, at a truly competitive price?
Are you wary of trusting people unless they really know the market for each type of asset and dedicate their time and skills to you?
Hire us. With the utmost professionalism, we take care of the entire valuation and strategic sale process for every type of movable and immovable property.
We'll help you seal the deal you're seeking in a timely fashion and at truly competitive prices.

  • We have ample experience regarding tangible assets used by small, medium and large businesses: from plants and industrial machinery to automobiles and commercial vehicles, and even luxury sector goods such as boats, aircraft and helicopters.
  • We know how to appraise and get the most value out of real estate – whether residential, tourist, commercial or industrial.
  • Our extensive knowledge of the market helps us devise successful strategies to reposition property and equipment assets, as well as to put prospective sellers and buyers in contact so that you can meet all you needs in this area and save money.

Do you need up-to-date numbers on your field of business? Are you searching for new companies and constructive information for your sales and marketing campaigns?
Do you need updated information about your potential customers?
Use the platforms that our own team has designed and implemented. They’ll make the job easier.

We share the latest facts and figures with you so that you can:

  • analyse and monitor your customer portfolio
  • make comparisons with other businesses, sectors and markets
  • learn more about company management teams
  • get your business going in the best possible direction

We also provide you with tools specifically designed to monitor your sector of business, through keyword searches in our database.

For your line of work, do you have to be perfectly primed on the trends and growth forecasts in your sector?
Do you need support to make those important decisions for the future of your business so that it can expand and prosper?
Find the answers to your questions in our sector reports and projects, which will help you lead your business towards your growth targets.

  • Your targets become our targets. We will help you turn your goals into effective strategies to make your company distinguish itself more clearly from the rest in your line of business.
  • We have the most appropriate marketing solutions and tools to fulfil your needs and your specific business targets.
  • We can also help you measure how satisfied your customers are.

Want to broaden your customer portfolio?
Is your business expanding and you need to really grasp and capture the audience that’s truly interested in the new products and services you’re about to launch on the market?
You’ll find the answers you’re looking for in the kits we can provide you as well as in our prospecting activities.

  • We work side-by-side with you to study trends and growth forecasts in your sector.
  • We offer you systems for observing and assessing geographical areas and target audiences so that you can determine where and who to focus your marketing efforts on.
  • We also offer all of our consulting skills to help you promote your brand, products and services as effectively as possible.

Here you can click on the link to the website focused on Rating services, designed and offered by our Company Cerved Rating Agency.

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