Assets Management for companies

Would you like to get fresh cash for new investments by selling assets that are no longer useful to your business? Are you interested in buying used property or equipment, for yourself or your company, at a truly competitive price?
Are you wary of trusting people unless they really know the market for each type of asset and dedicate their time and skills to you?
Hire us. With the utmost professionalism, we take care of the entire valuation and strategic sale process for every type of movable and immovable property.
We'll help you seal the deal you're seeking in a timely fashion and at truly competitive prices.

  • We have ample experience regarding tangible assets used by small, medium and large businesses: from plants and industrial machinery to automobiles and commercial vehicles, and even luxury sector goods such as boats, aircraft and helicopters.
  • We know how to appraise and get the most value out of real estate – whether residential, tourist, commercial or industrial.
  • Our extensive knowledge of the market helps us devise successful strategies to reposition property and equipment assets, as well as to put prospective sellers and buyers in contact so that you can meet all you needs in this area and save money.

Do you have the right skills and tools to get the most value out of property and equipment that you no longer need, or to purchase new capital assets?
Come to us for advice. We have solid experience, with a strong ability to estimate the value of any asset as well as the skills to handle the asset and manage the entire sale or purchase process in order to guarantee the expected results.

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