Credit Consulting for companies

Do you have a whole portfolio of overdue receivables or need to collect a large amount of debt? Need to know if your debtor will be able to pay?
Would you like to figure out how effective your strategy is for chasing late payments?
Ask us. We have the answers that will work right for you. Equipped with a uniquely vast wealth of information, we can assess the degree of solvency of each one of your customers and provide you with debt collection probability forecasts.

We offer each business a series of consulting services to:

  • analyse the receivables portfolio to then estimate the probability of collection for those not yet paid
  • establish and/or evaluate credit recovery strategies
  • assess the bad loan portfolio
  • enhance the information contained in receivables portfolio databases

We are highly skilled at calculating the effective probability of collecting and have the know-how to implement the most appropriate strategies to achieve the best possible outcome.
e are capable of outlining the best possible actions to take in order to reduce your credit positions, analysing each situation case by case.

Do you need sure-fire, ready-to-use solutions to cash in past due receivables?
Use ours. They are solutions that guarantee confident, reliable collectability estimates for single receivables or entire portfolios.

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