Credit Management and Recovery for companies

Are you short on cash and need your invoices paid soon? Are you looking for effective ways to chase late payments from clients?
Do you need to deal with insolvent clients, whether they’re companies, individuals or public bodies?
Come to us. We have all the most proven tools and methods to facilitate debt collection, speed up payment times for your receivables and solve liquidity problems.

  • In order to cash in receivables within a reasonable timeframe and cash in late or missed payments, you need appropriate credit management tools, advanced negotiation skills and in-depth knowledge of the best ways of proceeding depending on the circumstances.
  • You can count on us for all these things. We have the capabilities and the resources to build a dedicated team that will work to collect your credit and face any critical situation.
  • We undertake the most effective actions because we have a thorough understanding of each market and we have the most comprehensive, up-to-date and historically extensive database in Italy.

Would you like to have someone else take care of chasing payments from your clients so that you can concentrate on running your business? Are you afraid of wasting time and money by taking action to collect late payments and still ending up empty-handed?
Give us a go. We will manage the full active cycle, using a team of specialised telephone operators and debt collectors as well as a non-standard recovery process that can be adapted to specific critical issues.

Would you rather collect as much bad debt as possible without resorting to legal action? Are you looking for an effective way to make a deal that satisfies both parties so that you can maintain a good relationship with your debtors?
Apply the methods and strategies we’ll outline for you in order to collect debts and keep up good business relations with your customers. We are trained and prepared to liaise in all different sectors of the economy. We have permanent internal personnel who know our systems and can give you instant answers.

Do you need to take legal action to collect unpaid receivables? Do you wish you had proficient, dependable lawyers you could trust, knowing what expenses you’ll incur right from the beginning?
Get the best support. With Cerved Legal Service, we guarantee you’ll receive high-quality assistance during each phase of the legal process.

Do you need to collect a large debt from a foreign customer?
Do you want to make sure that you take authoritative and decisive action to do so?
Hire us. We’ll get the ball rolling right away through our network of local correspondents to collect your debts fast, saving you the time and expenses of travel, not to mention the risk of ineffective action, which will substantially reduce your credit management costs.

Are you in a thorny situation where you need to collect debt in a foreign country? Do you urgently need to find a professional abroad to help you by taking care of this process?
We’ve got what you’re looking for.
We operate all across the world and are in a position to provide valuable legal advice and to support you in credit recovery processes.

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