Active credit cycle management for companies

Would you like to have someone else take care of chasing payments from your clients so that you can concentrate on running your business? Are you afraid of wasting time and money by taking action to collect late payments and still ending up empty-handed?
Give us a go. We will manage the full active cycle, using a team of specialised telephone operators and debt collectors as well as a non-standard recovery process that can be adapted to specific critical issues.


As soon as one of our clients issues an invoice, we take care of the rest. We act as your external administrative office. More specifically:

  • we keep track of your total outstanding invoice amount
  • we diversify the credit management approach based on your needs, on the probability of collection and on the type of customer
  • we take care of the whole process, from chasing payments by phone and by post to negotiating payment plans with customers and even providing updates on how each file is proceeding
  • we implement custom plans for communicating with customers

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