Credit management and out-of-court collection in Italy for companies

Would you rather collect as much bad debt as possible without resorting to legal action? Are you looking for an effective way to make a deal that satisfies both parties so that you can maintain a good relationship with your debtors?
Apply the methods and strategies we’ll outline for you in order to collect debts and keep up good business relations with your customers. We are trained and prepared to liaise in all different sectors of the economy. We have permanent internal personnel who know our systems and can give you instant answers.

Correspondence work

It means attempting to collect debt on friendly terms by:

  • drafting and sending letters
  • monitoring all credit positions online, in real time
  • handling potential claims or complaints
  • keeping track of payments made
  • immediate notification through the online management system
  • managing returned mail
Phone collection

It is carried out skilfully by our 500 employee telephone operators who specialise in both liaising with individual debtors and managing large volumes of collections.
We are a big team with the capability to communicate well with people in all different sectors of business.

Field collection

It is an activity we carry out through our direct network of collectors spread across the country, who have the communications and mediation skills required to conduct negotiations.
We can set up personalised repayment plans to achieve a fruitful agreement between creditor and debtor.

Public sector credit recovery

It requires different measures from those normally implemented for commercial debt collection.
In fact, when dealing with public sector customers, the risk of default is very limited but lengthy payment delays can cause liquidity problems and thus have a negative impact on your financial situation.
With our help, you can reduce receivable days outstanding vis-à-vis public sector customers.


Credit management and out-of-court collection in Italy for:

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