Legal debt collection in Italy for companies

Do you need to take legal action to collect unpaid receivables? Do you wish you had proficient, dependable lawyers you could trust, knowing what expenses you’ll incur right from the beginning?
Get the best support. With Cerved Legal Service, we guarantee you’ll receive high-quality assistance during each phase of the legal process.

Investigation and legal recovery feasibility evaluation

It is a dual activity to:

  • identify in which positions it would be advantageous to take legal recovery action
  • conduct analyses, through an assessment of complete documentation, on the assets and/or sources of income that can be targeted, to then determine if proceeding with legal action would be cost-effective
  • outline the actions to be taken towards legal debt collection or otherwise maximising portfolio value
Warning and execution proceedings phase

It is where legal action is undertaken to obtain:

  • seizure of one-fifth of the debtor’s salary/pension (if an individual), of movable property or of bank account funds
  • payment enforcement order by the court, wherever the assets listed above are unavailable
  • court-ordered collection notice and repossession through legal action
assignment order and appeals management phase

It includes a series of tasks such as:

  • a legal representative of ours participates at the hearings
  • credit assignment orders are obtained from the court
  • repayment plans are devised and bank account details for receipt of the sums assigned by the judge
  • any remaining disputes are handled through continuing mediation work
Legal debt collection in Italy for:

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