Credit Risk for companies

When you think about the people and companies you do business with, do you want to find out just how reliable they are financially?
Are you striving day after day to help your business grow in the best way possible, and want to prevent all the risks yet take advantage of all the opportunities?
Ask us. We know the business world all the way down to its core.
There's so much we can do for you: track the life cycle of your client businesses and tell you about them, so that you can make well-informed decisions.

  • We have a thorough understanding of what it takes to run and grow a business, whether it's small, medium or large.
  • We also have close-up knowledge of credit dynamics, because we carefully and constantly follow the market and each sector.
  • We keep a close watch on scenarios as they develop, by scrupulously monitoring data.
  • We are in a position to provide you with forecasts and early signals about how these scenarios will evolve, with advice on what actions to take in order to boost your business opportunities yet protect yourself from credit risk.

Do you believe that carefully managing your business requires having a clear idea about the customer you have in front of you, and being able to determine how reliable they are, how financially solid they are?
You can turn to our capabilities: we'll support you with solutions, not only to determine and monitor the risks inherent in your daily business dealings, but also to give you long-term projections to help you make good strategic decisions.

Has experience taught you that a reliable customer today might not be so reliable tomorrow?
Do you need to keep track of the variables that could cause changes in the financial reliability of the companies and people you do business with?
Make that job easier: use our monitoring service to guarantee systematic control over the situation and an up-to-date, detailed outlook on each customer.

Is selecting reliable suppliers a crucial aspect of putting your business on solid foundations? Would you consider it important information if one of your suppliers has had to tap into the government's temporary redundancy fund, if it's planning to delocalise, or if it's in financial trouble?
Apply the solutions we can offer you so that you can prevent unpleasant impasses or risks in your daily business dealings.

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Need to find out about the property assets of a business or individual? Do you need to know if a certain property is under mortgage or linked to any credit events, or if you'll be able to repossess it in the event of a default?
Come to us. We'll provide you with verified documents first-hand, so you can always up-to-date news at your fingertips.

Would you like to take your business into places you don't cover yet?
Make your move wisely. Get the data and qualitative information that will help your business grow in the most strategic areas and ensure that you can achieve your growth targets.

Do you have the right tools to find out what the market thinks about you and to keep up with how your business is perceived from the outside?
Monitor your own business profile so that you can oversee your company's credibility and increase your chances of gaining better recognition.

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