Customer assessment for companies

Do you believe that carefully managing your business requires having a clear idea about the customer you have in front of you, and being able to determine how reliable they are, how financially solid they are?
You can turn to our capabilities: we'll support you with solutions, not only to determine and monitor the risks inherent in your daily business dealings, but also to give you long-term projections to help you make good strategic decisions.

Official data and commercial information on Italian companies

We are official distributors of InfoCamere. We provide official data – including records of non-payment protests, adverse entries and negative credit events, corporate ownership information and financial statements – as well as commercial information.
We can provide this information on different levels of detail and depth, enabling you to:

  • understand and evaluate the solvency and creditworthiness of your customers and business partners
  • get answers that are concise and easy to read, or alternatively get full reports with analysis, scoring, valuations and strategic indications from sources such as Payline payment patterns
  • monitor any scenario changes in real time
  • keep your business safe from the risks of late or missed payments of your receivables
Official data and commercial information on foreign companies

We bring you official data and commercial information on companies that operate across the world.
Thanks to special agreements with our international partners, you can:

  • understand and evaluate the solvency and creditworthiness of a foreign company
  • reduce business transaction risk
  • benefit from an ample and complete range of data that will satisfy your informational needs
Customer Management Platform

Cerved Credit Suite is our platform where you can analyse and manage your customer portfolio, request reports, assess risks and opportunities, and refine your commercial strategies.
Cerved Credit Suite draws from the largest Italian database of its kind to answer even questions you haven't thought to ask, allowing you to:

  • use a high-performance search engine that taps into a uniquely deep and extensive wealth of information
  • receive custom reports with risk indicators, creditworthiness scores, as well as tables and graphs that are easy to decipher
  • opt for different views of your portfolio, based on filter selections
  • collate your data with ours, to obtain a well-rounded vision of your sector
  • get all the information that's essential to you on a single page
  • receive notifications of any changes related to specific companies you are monitoring

Business Decision is a platform that takes you through the entire approval process for granting credit to new or existing customers.
Business Decision is a precise and predictive customised decision-making system which, based on statistical models, helps you:

  • automate the trade credit evaluation process to make decisions faster
  • assign a customised score to each credit position in your portfolio
  • take advantage of guided routes to start up one or more workflows to open or revise a credit line approval process
  • configure approval levels and ways of monitoring creditworthiness

Credit Decision is a system that lets you customise decision-making criteria, so that you can:

  • automate credit assessment and credit management processes according to parameters you decide on
  • use both your internal data and ours to calculate a suitable decision-making algorithm for you
  • perform searches on an engine that combines these two sets of data, to then give you clear and accurate advice on each case: approve, reject, or find out more
  • save search results in an archive
  • analyse your credit policies and, if preferred, adjust the rules you base your decisions on

It is a web app and API solution that maps the connections between your customers and other businesses, local branches and people.
It is a tool to help you:

  • see existing connections between various businesses and individuals
  • gain a deeper understanding of the connections that your potential suppliers, partners and competitors have
  • detect potential risky situations
  • undertake new business actions

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