Customer monitoring and management for companies

Has experience taught you that a reliable customer today might not be so reliable tomorrow?
Do you need to keep track of the variables that could cause changes in the financial reliability of the companies and people you do business with?
Make that job easier: use our monitoring service to guarantee systematic control over the situation and an up-to-date, detailed outlook on each customer.

Monitoring services

Our monitoring services inform you about any and all events or changes related to a company you have business relations with.

The Standard Monitoring service provides notices to keep you updated about any changes detected since the first report issued about a given company.

The Monitoring Plus service is more detailed: in addition to the notices, a new informative report is generated and sent to you each time a significant change occurs to a company being monitored.

Decision-Making Systems

PayLine Decision is a platform that evaluates the portfolio of your customers that belong to the PayLine community, analysing credit risk to then advise you on the best strategy to implement.
Because it is integrated with our databases on financial statements, payment patterns, credit events and business status, PayLine Decision allows you to:

  • learn your customers' updated recommended credit limit
  • analyse the risk trend and exposure level in your portfolio
  • decide on the right course of action
Customer Management Platforms

There are four: Cerved Credit Suite, Credit Board, FacilityLive and Graph4you.

Cerved Credit Suite is our platform where you can analyse and manage your customer portfolio, request reports, assess risks and opportunities, and refine your commercial strategies.
Cerved Credit Suite draws from the largest Italian database of its kind to answer even questions you haven't thought to ask, allowing you to:

  • conduct searches of varying degrees of detail in an unparalleled repository of data
  • receive custom reports with risk indicators, creditworthiness scores, as well as tables and graphs that are easy to decipher
  • opt for different views of your portfolio, based on filter selections
  • collate your data with ours, to obtain a well-rounded vision of your sector
  • keep all the key topics for you at your fingertips, on the homepage
  • receive notifications of any changes related to specific companies you are monitoring

Credit Board is an integrated system that helps you efficiently organise the actions you need to take in order to prevent, monitor and reduce credit risk.
Credit Board facilitates your day-to-day work, specifically by:

  • speeding up payments
  • helping resolve potential disputes
  • organising, determining and coordinating all the tasks that need to be carried out by the various personnel involved in credit management
  • execute the process workflow set by the credit manager

FacilityLive is a platform that presents key information to implement targeted customer engagement actions.
FacilityLive is a semantic search engine that is easy to use and provides you with:

  • a single, complete view of the pertinent data, updated regularly
  • operational improvements
  • custom scores

Graph4you is a web app and API solution that builds interactive graphs to map the connections between your customers and other businesses, local branches and people.
Graph4you is a tool to help you:

  • see existing connections between various businesses and individuals
  • gain a deeper understanding of the connections that your potential suppliers, partners and competitors have
  • detect potential risky situations
  • undertake new business actions
Reporting Platforms

Is a software that facilitates data exchanges between different types of IT systems and connects all information available to you between systems.

Credit Limit is a platform that monitors credit lines and how they evolve, both by individual customer and by clusters of similar customers.
It is a reporting tool that helps you:

  • access the information you need quickly
  • translate data you've collected into graphs and other numerical illustrations
  • analyse indicators and payment scores
  • monitor credit positions on a monthly basis
  • receive reports on performances over the last 13 months
  • set up an alert system with your own parameters
  • get a comprehensive view in order to make the right decisions

Custom Dashboards

Thanks to our partnership with Tibco, we offer a suite of data integration and visualisation solutions which, combined with Cerved’s vast wealth of information, enable you to:

  • generate and assemble customised credit reports
  • produce analyses of 'what-if' scenarios that can be adjusted to fit your needs
  • offer you screen views that match your interests
  • get deeper and clearer analysis of your data
  • move forward from data, tables and graphs to concrete actions

Cerved Group Score is a statistical credit scoring method designed to ensure more accurate credit assessments.
Cerved Group Score is expressed as the sum of several partial valuations, which together reflect a company's creditworthiness. Thanks to Cerved Group Score, you can:

  • measure a business's creditworthiness over a 12-month period
  • analyse company financial performances and trends
  • get an outlook that anticipates potential credit risk
Vipo Monitoring

It is a service that keeps the real estate assets of one or more individuals or companies under daily observation, bringing you, in push mode, any new information on:

  • capital solidity
  • changes in ownership and/or shareholders' equity
Customer monitoring and management for:

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