Supplier assessment and management for companies

Is selecting reliable suppliers a crucial aspect of putting your business on solid foundations? Would you consider it important information if one of your suppliers has had to tap into the government's temporary redundancy fund, if it's planning to delocalise, or if it's in financial trouble?
Apply the solutions we can offer you so that you can prevent unpleasant impasses or risks in your daily business dealings.

Official data and commercial information on Italian companies

We are official distributors of InfoCamere. We provide official data – including records of non-payment protests, adverse entries and negative credit events, corporate ownership information and financial statements – as well as commercial information.
We can provide this information on different levels of detail and depth, enabling you to:

  • understand and evaluate the solvency and creditworthiness of your customers and business partners
  • get answers that are concise and easy to read, or alternatively get full reports with analysis, scoring, valuations and strategic indications
  • monitor any scenario changes in real time
  • keep your business safe from risks
Official data and commercial information on foreign companies

We bring you official data and commercial information on companies that operate across the world.
Thanks to our international partnerships, you can:

  • understand and evaluate the solvency and creditworthiness of a foreign company
  • reduce the risk related to supply contracts for goods and services from other countries
  • benefit from a full range of data that will reach your informational expectations

It is a web app and API solution that builds interactive graphs to map the connections between your customers and other businesses, local branches and people.
It is a tool helping you to:

  • see existing connections between various businesses and individuals
  • gain a deeper understanding of the connections that your potential suppliers, partners and competitors have
  • detect potential risky situations
  • undertake new business actions

It is a tool designed to help you carry out targeted prospecting by combining a variety of data.
Similarity, thanks to innovative algorithms, helps you:

  • create an 'ideal customer' profile
  • compare this profile with all other companies you may be interested in working with
  • pinpoint prospective clients that are similar to the ideal profile and your best current clients
  • categorise the results by priority level and degree of similarity
Supplier assessment and management for:

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