Platforms for companies

Our platforms are designed to give you the precise answers you’re looking for.
Select the one that best matches your needs and you’ll be able to access it anytime you need to, from wherever you are.


It is a flexible tool designed for maximum customisation.
When you interact with DBforYOU, you can:

  • create a tailor-made database, setting the parameters for which kinds of companies to include and what information you want to see from our vast database
  • examine company accounts
  • create lists from the set of companies within your parameters

It is a must-have for those who wish to get the greatest possible profit out of their marketing initiatives and sales campaigns.
With MARKETING+ you get the opportunity to:

  • make your business grow
  • analyse and monitor your customer portfolio
  • identify prospective new customers
  • examine and perform comparative analysis on companies, sectors and markets relevant to your business
  • measure and improve your business performances
  • pinpoint target audiences for communications and direct marketing campaigns

It is a new-generation platform that draws upon the wealth of data we keep concerning all Italian companies (over 6 million) plus other data taken from open sources such as websites, social networks and newspapers, making them available to you on various outlets.

It contains semantic analysis algorithms, which lay the foundation for our proprietary search engine called SpazioDati. It will help you find new B2B contacts in just a few clicks, allowing you to:

  • view our data and data from other sources in real time
  • generate targeted prospective customer lists
  • consult addresses, contact information, websites and social media channels
  • learn about the management, corporate structure and financial figures of other companies
  • search the full database by entering keywords or website content, so as to find the companies you’re looking for faster and more easily
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