Projects for companies

Our projects aim to gather business intelligence and gain knowledge. In each project, the most appropriate strategic solution is devised, to help you walk straight and smoothly to your goal.

Competitive Intelligence Italy/Abroad

Insight into the competitive strategies and business performances of your competitors, with comparisons to the sector overall.

Customer Satisfaction Audit SME

Gathers information about how satisfied your customers are, to then measure satisfaction levels using performance indicators.
The additional Voice of the Customer (VoC) Monitoring service helps you keep track of the sentiment and needs of customers who have just purchased your products or services.
In this way, you can learn how and where you need to improve in order to raise their satisfaction level.

Mistery Shopping

Monitors the quality of service provided at your sales points from the customer’s point of view, through proven techniques such as mystery calling, store checks and, of course, mystery shoppers.
You will be able to view the outcome of this evaluation in real time, on our dedicated online platform.

Focus Group

Discussion sessions moderated by a professional, in order to analyse and understand the underlying rationale behind your customers’ choices.

Analitiycs for Marketing

Discover valuable evidence for business decisions by means of data mining on your company’s database in conjunction with our data and other information collected from other sources that is relevant to your business.


In-depth observations and analysis in response to precise needs indicated by our clients.

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