Sector Reports for companies

Our catalogue of sector reports has a nationwide scope to provide unparalleled analysis of the Italian market in specific sectors.
There are different types of reports to give you a clear picture of the scenario in your sector so that you can make the right choices.


Available for every sector of the Italian economy, these reports chart the figures in each sector, providing a clear overview to improve knowledge of the market.


Detailed coverage of trends on the Italian market, with in-depth analysis of over 170 sectors of the Italian economy that includes detailed information about the dynamics on the supply side, the demand side, and the competitive scenario. The analysis in Smart reports is based on both official data and information gathered by our analysts themselves.



Our Monitors are demand-side analysis documents that focus on customer purchasing patterns. Each Monitor can be customised in detail according to your specific needs.

The Fleet Monitor is a report specifically on the company car fleet market, focusing on:

  • the current market situation
  • recent trends and 18-months forecasts
  • key characteristics of company car fleets
  • criteria for choosing makes and models

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