We provide clear and decisive answers, whether the questions come from the property and casualty segment or any area of the life business.

For insurance companies, access to our database is the key to a host of both public and confidential information about businesses, plus exclusive data such as payment patterns, sector trends, information about specific assets and the Italian register of intermediaries (RUI).

We know the Italian market so comprehensively that we successfully put insurance companies in touch with carefully selected dependable customers.
We can also identify potentially fraudulent customers (whether individuals or companies) and make suggestions for rewarding the most reliable ones.

Our services for insurance

How can you keep your company safe from the uncertainty of a market that can change so fast?
What decisions should you make to protect yourself from credit risk, boost your competitive advantage and expand your business?
Count on us. We can answer those questions and others, to give you the most effective tools to identify and monitor unreliable customers, calculate all risks and make sure you never get caught by surprise.

In such a challenging market like insurance, we'll always be on your side.

  • We have all the skills and the tools to find the answers in all insurance segments: auto, property and casualty, life, deposit protection and credit.
  • We bring you the tools and solutions to help you manage credit risk as soundly as can be done.
  • We share the most up-to-date and complete information with you, so that you can pinpoint the least reliable customers and assess their creditworthiness and financial solidity.
  • We give you access public information, proprietary data, official data contained in the Italian Register of Insurance Brokers (RUI) as well as web-sourced information.
  • We provide you with applications we've developed to keep your portfolio monitored so that you can adjust your strategies in real time, whenever you want and wherever you are.

We're the place to turn in order to avoid hasty decisions in all phases of your business.

Are you better off knowing a person's credit history before you sell them a policy or other insurance products?
What specific information do you need in order to make the best decisions for your insurance company?
Ask us. Thanks to our partnership with Experian, we can answer each of these questions and equip you with the most advanced and dependable tools so that you can identify which customers will be the best ones, as well as understand situations of over-indebtedness and potential fraud.

In today's ever-changing business environment, we will be your mainstay.

  • From us, you will always receive up-to-date figures and new generation tools to learn about the credit reputations of your individual customers and potential customers.
  • We will support you in all the verification and decision-making phases of the policy approval process, keeping an eye on safeguarding you from hasty choices yet with the goal of allowing you to seize all opportunities.

Are you seeking a qualified, expert valuation of the receivables due from your insurance policyholders?
Do you need support to devise the best strategy to cash in as much as possible in as little time as possible?
You can rely on us for these tasks. For over a decade, we have been performing this line of work with the utmost professionalism and experience in both non-performing loans and credit management for insurance premiums, excesses and even deposits.

“For the insurance sector, we offer an array of consulting services to assess portfolios of receivables and estimate the probability of collection, including casualty and life premiums, plus deposits “

  • We have the skills and experience to calculate the effective probability of collecting and have the know-how to pinpoint the most appropriate collection strategies.
  • We look at the details of each case, including the type of debt and severity of arrears, to determine which approach would be best.

Do you need a qualified business partner who really knows the peculiarities of insurance sector credit? Would you like to ensure that you can cash in the highest amount possible yet significantly reduce the time and money spent on debt collection activities?
Come to us. We can quickly and efficiently manage receivables in the form of policy premiums, excesses and even deposits.

  • We're a trusted team with an extensive wealth of proprietary data and information to guarantee that you'll gain in-depth knowledge of your counterparts, both businesses and individuals.
  • We specialise in dealing with insurance sector receivables, including casualty and life premiums, plus deposits.
  • We take on hundreds of thousands of outstanding positions, even for small amounts, interrupting the limitation period.

Is it a major priority for you to understand your customers’ insurance coverage needs so that you can satisfy them with just the right offer?
Do you need to get an objective picture of market trends and your competitors’ performances?
Do you want to devise the best strategies to bring in new customers?
Access our platforms or request lists that match your interests. They’ll help you turn your growth plans into reality.

We will provide you access to a uniquely vast wealth of data and information in its breadth and historical depth. Our information will keep you up-to-date on the situation and trends in the insurance market.

We will give you all the knowledge and understanding you need to get your strategies going in the right direction.

Do you work in a market where competitiveness is everything and you need to know exactly what kind of policies your customers want?
Do you want to find out as soon as possible what moves your competitors are making, what kinds of offers they’re making?
What strategies could you put in place to keep your customers happy?
Get the answers to these questions in our sector reports and special projects. You’ll get all the advice and tools you need.

  • We have all the solutions and we can give them to you in a timely manner, providing you with the tools you need to achieve your growth targets and beat the competition.
  • We perform wide-ranging analysis for you and with you, tracking ongoing developments in the insurance sector.
  • We’ll help you lay out a company strategy that can guarantee a substantial advantage over your competitors.

Want to attract new customers and expand into new geographical areas?
Are you outlining new insurance lines and need to identify and get in touch with the target customer base?
Achieve your growth targets using our systems and prospecting activities to help you find new customers in new areas that are appropriate targets for your insurance offering, so that you can turn potential into real customers with a fine-tuned offer.

  • We put our systems and skills at your service, enabling you to pinpoint new geographical areas and market niches where you can make competitive offers to meet your growth targets.
  • We’ll give you the tools you need to find companies in an innovative way that is consistent with your insurance policy offering.

Here you can click on the link to the website focused on Rating services, designed and offered by our Company Cerved Rating Agency.

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