Credit Consulting for insurance

Are you seeking a qualified, expert valuation of the receivables due from your insurance policyholders?
Do you need support to devise the best strategy to cash in as much as possible in as little time as possible?
You can rely on us for these tasks. For over a decade, we have been performing this line of work with the utmost professionalism and experience in both non-performing loans and credit management for insurance premiums, excesses and even deposits.

“For the insurance sector, we offer an array of consulting services to assess portfolios of receivables and estimate the probability of collection, including casualty and life premiums, plus deposits “

  • We have the skills and experience to calculate the effective probability of collecting and have the know-how to pinpoint the most appropriate collection strategies.
  • We look at the details of each case, including the type of debt and severity of arrears, to determine which approach would be best.

Do you need solutions you can apply immediately to cash in overdue policy payments?
We can guarantee you confident collectability estimates, whether for a specific receivable or an entire portfolio.

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