Credit Management and Recovery for insurance

Do you need a qualified business partner who really knows the peculiarities of insurance sector credit? Would you like to ensure that you can cash in the highest amount possible yet significantly reduce the time and money spent on debt collection activities?
Come to us. We can quickly and efficiently manage receivables in the form of policy premiums, excesses and even deposits.

  • We're a trusted team with an extensive wealth of proprietary data and information to guarantee that you'll gain in-depth knowledge of your counterparts, both businesses and individuals.
  • We specialise in dealing with insurance sector receivables, including casualty and life premiums, plus deposits.
  • We take on hundreds of thousands of outstanding positions, even for small amounts, interrupting the limitation period.

Do you want to collect overdue premiums, excesses and other unpaid receivables without having to consult lawyers or turn to the courts?
Are you looking for a way to reach agreements with your counterparts so that you can maintain solid commercial relations with your policyholders?
Ask us. We act in a prudent and timely manner, implementing effective strategies to collect your receivables and keep up good business relations with your debtors. Our permanent internal staff are specially trained and prepared to engage with clients in your sector and give you all the answers you need when you need them.

Do you find yourself with no viable choice but to take legal action to collect unpaid debts from your policyholders? Would you like to get advice from lawyers who are experts in the insurance business and understand its financial mechanisms? Do you want to know right from the start what expenses you'll incur?
Assure yourself of the best legal assistance. Through Cerved Legal Service, we provide accurate consulting over the entire legal process.

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