Credit management and out-of-court collection in Italy for insurance

Do you want to collect overdue premiums, excesses and other unpaid receivables without having to consult lawyers or turn to the courts?
Are you looking for a way to reach agreements with your counterparts so that you can maintain solid commercial relations with your policyholders?
Ask us. We act in a prudent and timely manner, implementing effective strategies to collect your receivables and keep up good business relations with your debtors. Our permanent internal staff are specially trained and prepared to engage with clients in your sector and give you all the answers you need when you need them.

Correspondence work

It means attempting to collect debt on friendly terms by:

  • introducing ourselves on behalf of the insurance company
  • negotiating recovery of arrears
  • sending bank details to the debtor to make the payment
  • interrupting the limitation period by sending registered mail
P&C debt collection

It is an activity we perform proficiently and in a timely manner thanks to constant efforts by our team of internal operators, who specialise in collecting past due receivables linked to motor and homeowner's insurance policies. 
We're a big, elite team that knows how to relate to the various types of clients in your sector.    

Life insurance debt collection

It is a more specific recovery activity mainly related to long-term policies. Normally, as soon as the policyholder stops paying, insurance coverage stops, so no collection actions are necessary.

Credit management and out-of-court collection in Italy for:

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