Legal debt collection in Italy for insurance

Do you find yourself with no viable choice but to take legal action to collect unpaid debts from your policyholders? Would you like to get advice from lawyers who are experts in the insurance business and understand its financial mechanisms? Do you want to know right from the start what expenses you'll incur?
Assure yourself of the best legal assistance. Through Cerved Legal Service, we provide accurate consulting over the entire legal process.

Legal debt collection in Italy

We follow the whole legal procedure, beginning with the subpoena or injunction to collect arrears or bad debts, with the intent of settling out of court.

We connect you to a team of lawyers who specialise in the insurance sector, who will produce the documents needed quickly enough to avert the risk of going over the statute of limitations, and who will support you towards collection.

We take care of recovering overdue excesses, premiums and reimbursements.
We also work with you to assess self-insured retention claims as well as insolvency proceedings.

Legal debt collection in Italy for:

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