Credit Risk for insurance

How can you keep your company safe from the uncertainty of a market that can change so fast?
What decisions should you make to protect yourself from credit risk, boost your competitive advantage and expand your business?
Count on us. We can answer those questions and others, to give you the most effective tools to identify and monitor unreliable customers, calculate all risks and make sure you never get caught by surprise.

In such a challenging market like insurance, we'll always be on your side.

  • We have all the skills and the tools to find the answers in all insurance segments: auto, property and casualty, life, deposit protection and credit.
  • We bring you the tools and solutions to help you manage credit risk as soundly as can be done.
  • We share the most up-to-date and complete information with you, so that you can pinpoint the least reliable customers and assess their creditworthiness and financial solidity.
  • We give you access public information, proprietary data, official data contained in the Italian Register of Insurance Brokers (RUI) as well as web-sourced information.
  • We provide you with applications we've developed to keep your portfolio monitored so that you can adjust your strategies in real time, whenever you want and wherever you are.

We're the place to turn in order to avoid hasty decisions in all phases of your business.

In your view, does prudent management imply knowing which of your clients could be fraudulent, whether they're individuals or companies? Do you want your agency network to become more efficient? Do you want to know your customers' financial situations?
You'll find the answers in our solutions to monitor and reduce day-to-day credit risk as well as to identify the least reliable customers and prospective customers.

You're well aware that a policyholder can be dependable and creditworthy today but may no longer be tomorrow. How can you be sure that they'll remain good customers? What approach should you take to build a good relationship with customers?
Access our monitoring systems to assure yourself of automatic check-ups on the quality and financial reliability of each customer and reward those who deserve it.

Would you consider it important information if one of your suppliers has had to tap into the government's temporary redundancy fund, if it's planning to delocalise, or if it is exposed to financial risks?
Protect your company from unexpected repercussions on your financial stability.
We have the right solutions to succeed in doing just that.

Data Integration is a modular service to which you can refer to extract and aggregate among them all the information for you at different levels: from simple data to more detailed and structured documents and services.

Need to find out more about the property assets of a business or individual? Do you need to know if a certain property is under mortgage or linked to any credit events, or if you'll be able to repossess it in the event of a default?
Ask us. We'll reply in real time with verified documents and up-to-date news.

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