Customer monitoring and management for insurance

You're well aware that a policyholder can be dependable and creditworthy today but may no longer be tomorrow. How can you be sure that they'll remain good customers? What approach should you take to build a good relationship with customers?
Access our monitoring systems to assure yourself of automatic check-ups on the quality and financial reliability of each customer and reward those who deserve it.

Monitoring services

Our monitoring services inform you about any and all events or changes related to a company insured by yours.

The Standard Monitoring service provides notices to keep you updated about any changes detected since the first report issued about a given company.

The Monitoring Plus service is more detailed: in addition to the notices, a new informative report is generated and sent to you each time a significant change occurs to a company being monitored.

Decision-Making Systems

PayLine Decision is a platform that evaluates the portfolio of your customers that belong to the PayLine community, analysing credit risk to then advise you on the best strategy to implement.
Because it is integrated with our databases on financial statements, payment patterns, credit events and business status, PayLine Decision allows you to:

  • learn your customers' updated recommended credit limit
  • analyse the risk trend and exposure level in your portfolio
  • figure out the right decision to make in each situation
Customer Management Platforms

Cerved Credit Suite is our platform where you can assess and steer your customer portfolio, get reports, forecast risks and opportunities, and regulate your growth strategy.
Cerved Credit Suite benefits from the largest Italian database of its kind and gives you answers in areas where you may not even have asked questions yet, thus allowing you to:

  • conduct searches in a pool of data that is unmatched in its completeness
  • receive custom reports with risk indicators, creditworthiness scores, as well as tables and graphs that are easy to read
  • opt for different views of your portfolio, based on filter selections
  • collate your data with ours, to obtain a well-rounded vision of your sector
  • receive notifications of any changes related to specific companies of interest to you

Credit Board is a solution that integrates with your systems so that you can efficiently organise credit risk prevention, monitoring and reduction actions.
Credit Board simplifies your day-to-day operations by helping you:

  • shorten payment timescales
  • clarify any disputes
  • organise all the tasks of the various roles involved in credit management
  • automate the workflow set by the credit manager

FacilityLive is a platform that presents key information to implement targeted customer engagement actions.
Facility Live summarises, in a single screen, the whole story of each customer relationship and strategic customer profile information, to improve user experience and efficiency.
FacilityLive is a semantic search engine that is easy to use and provides you with:

  • a single, complete view of the pertinent data, updated regularly
  • operational optimisation
  • custom scores

Graph4you is a web app and API solution that maps the connections between various public and private sector entities, with interactive graphs.
Graph4you is a tool to help you:

  • reveal existing connections between certain companies and individuals
  • gain a better understanding of the points that connect suppliers, competitors and potential customers
  • identify illicit dealings
  • undertake new business actions

Cerved Connect for Salesforce is an application that runs entirely within Salesforce to enrich your CRM with our data on over 6 million Italian companies, as well as to help your company develop more business in current and potential markets. Cerved Connect for Salesforce is an effective tool if you'd like to:

  • have an up-to-date and 'clean' CRM, without duplicates
  • perform advanced searches to find new customers
  • receive reliable information about the financial performance and corporate structure of a company
Reporting Platforms

Is a software that encourages data exchanges between different types of systems and merges all the information available to you.
It functions as a connector, giving you the opportunity to:

  • detail and differentiate data analysis levels
  • translate data, tables and graphs into concrete action
  • raise your competitive advantage
  • make the best decisions in the least amount of time possible

Credit Limit is a platform that monitors credit lines and how they evolve, both by individual customer and by clusters of similar customers.
It is a reporting tool that helps you:

  • access the information you need quickly 
  • translate data you've collected into graphs and other numerical illustrations
  • analyse indicators and payment scores
  • monitor credit on a monthly basis
  • generate reports on the performance over the last 13 months
  • set up an alert system with your own parameters
  • get a comprehensive view in order to make the right decisions

Tibco Spotfire is a variant of the Tibco Business Intelligence system.
It is a specific software program created to:

  • generate and assemble customised credit reports
  • produce analyses of 'what-if' scenarios that can be adjusted to fit your needs
  • offer you views that match your interests
Vipo Monitoring

It is a service that keeps the real estate assets of one or more individuals or companies under daily observation, bringing you, in push mode, any news related to:

  • capital solidity
  • ownership and shareholders' equity changes
Customer monitoring and management for:

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